Sunday, 25 November 2012


From a month ago, I got a lamb. My father found him one day in the middle of a field, when he was working. I had a few hours he was born, because since it was wet. When my father came with the lamb, I was very sorpraise made ​​me so much illusion.
That came was very hungry, but I had bottle and they had to make some inventions, so they put the milk in a plastic glove (doctor, dentist, ...) they made a hole and is was so comfortable that everything was moving it's tail and it was happy. From that day, every day morning noon and night to give the bottle.
She follows you like you're his mother, when she sees you call, you run and she run it. It is pretty fun and be with her, the moment I make you're down company.
I do some research to know what they eat. And so I did. And she loves "hoserda".
For me it is more like an animal companion.


My hero is my grandfather Josep. What I liked about him he was always went with the truth in front. Until the last moment before his death, he was working. I could not stay still, sitting on the couch. He was until the last moment of his life doing what he loved, his job, farmer. Could always count on him for what needed. He was a man of very few word, but he said it all with a glance. Neither was a man of very well dressed, but did not go to many places, because I could not be without her life, always be walking and working arroud his house. When he died I was very sad that had happened the last moments with him were not the best, but now I understand that upon finishing I never saw him, but he will always be with me wherever you go, to help me in good and bad times. 


The two tests I have done, (animal in me and multiple intelligences) helped me think about I wanted studying and what I will do on my future. And the jobs they told me I could do, made me open my eyes and wanting to get my dream.

Vocaroo Voice Message


The graphic say I have the very high percentage and the predominant is the kinaesthetic, and the lowest are intrapersonal and linguistic. With this inteligences I work the actor, dancer, doctor of sports, physical therapist, and more. I agree whit the percentage of this graphic, beacuseI like many jobs that come whit this percentage.



Gemus and species:
Pavo cristatus

Collective Term:
A bouquet of peacocks

Careers and Hobbies:

Fitness instructor
Plastic surgery

Famous Peacocks:

Josephine Baker
Zsa Zsa Gabor


In this picture, I see a one men who do skiing. This boy were on the mountain of Canada, in winter. Because is when the montains have a snow. He practice a sport (skiing) with a high risk of getting hurt, because outside ski slopes is dangerous as there are cliffs and rocks hidden by the snow and moreover to skiing, he jump a ring of fire. I think, that he feel a very happy because it is not something that everyone does and should feel proud of himself. I think, that he is in this situation because he is doing a sport that motivates and likes, must be the passion of his life. He wears a blue jacket, pants snow red, in addition to wearing a helmet and goggles to protect and also wears gloves.