Thursday, 20 June 2013


This has beena tough year, but already upon finishing the stage of compulsory education, now start bulding your future, your daily bread, your work, your vocation...
Now separate the frindships we've done these last four years of secondarynschool, and each continues to follow this path.
This last year has been fun, has had more moments, but overall, I like the explications of each teachers, how to work... Everythingnhas been a experience, and I always remember this stage because it has undoubtedly been onenof the best I've experienced.

Monday, 17 June 2013

ESO Grammar

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Thursday, 6 June 2013


This are two songs that I like the movie Pitch Perfect. In this film sing Acapela and is very well done as well and sing with this "perfect" voice that they, not everyone has and not everyone has the ability to sing Acapela.


This song is a guy and a girl,he / she likes the other but one of them does nothing to continue what they feel. One and tells the other that it is too late now you will not do anything, he had his moment and did not make, and he / she is as human intentan overcome.


This song is about of a boy who says all he likes a particular girl, who loves to. But everything he says in that handsome she likes and he says no say lie, lovely as it is.



A woman was found alive in the rubble 13 hours after a building collapsed in downtown Philadelphia -- killing at least six people and injuring more than a dozen others. Happened around 10:40 a.m. on Wednesday when a four-story building came down on top of a two-story building. Early reports from Philadelphia Police indicate that the collapse may have been the result of an industrial accident, as construction crews were working on the nearby structure. Around 6:30 a.m. the next morning rescue efforts at the scene ended after 14 people were rescued and six found dead in the rubble. Crews continued to dig through the night with the help of search dogs to see if anyone else remained trapped beneath the rubble. 

My opinion is that this woman is very lucky to get out alive after 13 hours was down there the ruins of that building, it seems like a miracle. But the other lives lost, it is also, as it was his fault that demolished the building.


What memories of when I was little. We were going to excurció, now of camp, the birthday of friends ... And now take all decisions and decisions that I now crave think, I have no desire to do anything. just close your eyes and remember the good times in those old days. Was always playing with friends and you had to do in recovery in any subject, in which there is a test tomorrow that otherwise suspending the course...
Sometimes felisos recall moments of your childhood well, and remember to disconnect. I hold many: when we ananavem colonies of the course the ice well and we did games, or when I went to McDonald's for dinner because it was someone's birthday and then went up to play those atreccions, who had close and also played with my sister since they do not want acavavem always fighting, whatever game it was, and it was silly for it to be. But why are the brothers, and always forgiving and acavavem screwdriver to start as usual.
They are good memories!


Ago now four months into my geramana, with the help of my father, is mounting a hen farm, and a chicken farm. The hens farm, gather the eggs and she to be sold. And the chicken farm, take them with a truck, the longer she will eat them for engreixarlos and after a month or two they will again take the company.
It will be a different experience because my father has a farm, but calves. We've had always of chickens but not many. And this will be a new experience.
Hopefully everything works well and there is no problem.
And this summer, I know where I have to go to work / help ... but well, the family helps each other.


Every Friday from 7:30 pm until 22:30 / 23:00 pm essay the esbart
The Esbart is a group or association of individuals dedicated to the recovery, maintenance and dissemination of traditional folk dance and folk traditions more generally, of Catalonia and the Catalan Countries.
The most visible activity of a dance group is the preparation and execution of Catalan folk dances. But we already do most modern dance, we danced Havana, Dance of the Islands Balears,... We're not the typical Esbart, with traditional dancing poles ...
Also we exchange with other countries and other regions of Spain autònumes. Now we have two exchange remaining. One is to August 31 in Navarre, and we will also Teruel, but since that date is for specific.
We enjoy much every outing and we dance because we love to dance and we had a good time together.


This year, by the end of optional music, we have the Mamma Mia musical theater.
The lecturer in music, Josep, I chose to make protegonista, Donna. It was a whole new thing for me. I had never acted, danced and sang. It was quite an experience. We were in the second quarter and we have memorizing dialogues, movements had to do to top the stage, songs and dances ...

 It was very hard work, but worth because when I was acting really enjoyed, and this never happened to me with something else. 
Before ascending the escanari was very nervous, I thought I would, I would stay white, but when you're a high scenario of acting, dancing, singing ... You have to let go as if nothing happened and enjoy because you are doing something you like.
We did two shows on Friday and another one on Saturday. And in the end it was the only number that we did playback, danced with teachers.
It was quite an experience gobsmacked, and would like to here some time to repeat it.


For finish the year class, we went to Mallorca with everyone the 4t ESO.
 We had a great time. We were there four days and three night plus a night on the boat, which was cabin. The first night on the boat, there was nobody who could sleep, and were going around to the cabins and leave out to see the sea, and we stayed awake all night to watch the sunrise. When arrived, we visited the island usually every morning and afternoon we had free time, I could go to the beach, to stay in the pool, shopping ... The first night we went to a nightclub in Majorca where we took the bus to go and as we all were going well the dressed people looked at us in a strange way, there were people from other places, in Italian, of spain and Mallorca, and when we took a taxi back. The next night we were many people at the hotel and went from room to room and the last night we went out and went to karaoke.
When we returned to the boat, we hadn't cabins and everyone had a lot of sleep, so we went to the top deck and slept in there until we had enough.
It was an adventure exciting.


This may, I went to the Wind tunnel. Is realy very, very, very, very, very.... FUNNY!! I liked much. I went with my sister Cristina, because this was a gift the Kings of the East. 

When we arrived, we went to the bar because from there, you see through a glass see a people how they do it in the wind tunnel. And then, one monitor came for us, to teach us that we had to do in there. Went to the one room, where the monitor explains how you put in the wind tunnel.
The first rule is that if mark finger up means to lift his head.

Second rule, if he make a V with her fingers, means pull the legs.

Three rule,  if it makes a V with his fingers, which is bend legs a bit.
Fourth rule, if a ramp tagafa not stay comfortable if you can not breathe ... big finger down and take you out fast in the tunnel.
And fifth and last rule that you stay very happy and funny. 
When ends up tell you all you need to do, go to another room and give you clothing, goggles, a helmet, and cotton to cover your ears. And come back up to the bar to wait for you go in the Wind Tunnel. 
We recommend it as a fun time!!