Monday, 30 December 2013


The days of Christmas are very lovely and with happy moments because you stay with the family, the best friends, boyfriend,... summary, with people that you love. I have done many things. On the 24th I celebrated with my family "Noche Buena." We all went to lunch at my grandparents' house, who live in Castelló. If I remember, we had for dinner gutters, fish and prawns, mussles, squid,... dessert and cake. And then my cousins said the Christmas poem, they were very embarrassed and I remember I was the same when I was young, but also the family gave you money because you had learned the poem. On the 25th day we celebrate Christmas. We had a family meal at my house. But my grandmother cooked farmhouse. Did gutters and everyone could choose fish or meat. And dessert cake, candies, ... On the 26th we celebrated "St. Stephen," since forever (or at least as long as I remember) we go to lunch at house of the oncles of my dad, but I just like it. We returned for lunch cannelloni dish and you could choose chicken or beef and dessert cake, candies, ... 
The holidays always ends up eating the same cannelloni meat and fish. And of course dessert sure there is cake and candies. At this time, we always end up with about 10 kg more. But now good news after the holidays we can start to diet because we are looking towards summer.

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Your result for The Fashion Style Test ...

Office Master

44% Flamboyance, 42% Originality, 67% Deliberateness, 36% Sexiness
[Tasteful Conventional Deliberate Prissy]
Your style is professional. Your clothes always fit the situation and you probably never offend people by, say, wearing pink to a funeral. You just know what becomes. You don't like extravagance too much and you're not accidental. Your well chosen, stylish outfits communicate that you're a serious person. Following classic rules about dressing, you make sure that no one would call you flashy and many people admire your calm, composed look.
The opposite style from yours is Fashion Rebel [Flamboyant Original Random Sexy].

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Flamboyance Distribution
    You scored 44% on Flamboyance, higher than 59% of your peers.
  • Originality Distribution
    You scored 42% on Originality, higher than 20% of your peers.
  • Deliberateness Distribution
    You scored 67% on Deliberateness, higher than 77% of your peers.
  • Sexiness Distribution
    You scored 36% on Sexiness, higher than 13% of your peers.

    I don't agree with my results because I don't like dressing always similar. I like change the look when I want.  
    I like a lot of styles, and I think that with my dress I don't transmit peace and relax.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


This film deals with people living time you have left. Arm has green numbers are the years months days minutes and seconds that are left living. But the human species to 25 years and do not change their physical appearance and it is at this point in life they have in the arm begins the countdown. The price of things are paid minutes of life.
Will Salas, the protagonist, is poor and works in a factory, living day to day life and just seconds to pay the light house food ... One day in a bar saves a wealthy man in seconds and this gives more than 100 years. Will decides to pass on the rich area of the city. But while you're at a party, the police come you think has stolen the time and how it was taken senvol, take by force a Sylvia Weis. But she ends up helping him steal lifetime for respartir it to the poor people of the city.

It is a film that certainly worth watching it.


Silvia, Carla and me (Mireia), we did a oral presentation about types of weddings.
Now, I'm going to do a my self-evaluation. 
     PRESENTATION (10%):
In this presentation we use a prezi, inside there was a video and photos. All the photos, vocabulary that we use in the prezi was about weddings. In the presentation I had a pice of paper for helping me if I left the words. The presentation lasted 15 minuts more or less. Each person spoke 5 minutes more or less. 
I think that my mark in this section was a 10% because the prezi was very well, beautiful power point (in my opinion).

Most of time I satyed watching all the people of the class, but times I read of the pice of paper, because I needed for helping me if I left the words. When I was doing the presentation I didn't move arround the classe but I pointed the pohos and move some my hands.
I think that my mark in this section was a 8% because when I was doing the presentation I some readed. 

     STRUCTURE (10%):
When we did the presentation all the information are well structured, first we did an small introduction and then we explain the diferents types of weddings. 
I think that my mark in this section was a 10%.

     CONTENT (40%):
In the presentation, but understood very clearly, but I think it needed to give more examples of what was done in each type.
I think that my mark in this section was a 30%, because needed a little more explanation.

     LANGUAGE (20%):
The presentation, we made ​​good time and verbs we used connectors.
I think that my mark in this section was a 20%. 

In my ompinion, I think that can improve pronunciation. Because when I get nervous costs me more. But most of the time, spoke confidently and decisively. But I always eat a little shame.
I think that my mark in this section was a 7.5%. 

My final mark is...   85.5%.

And now I leave the video presentation hus let's see if they also think I childIX this notice or be changed.


With four years old, told him he had to put glasses, but he refused and continues to refuse to say about him laugh. And his family began to move to help him and the things he did is open a Facebook page. Many people, seeing this page, began to send messages of support on this guy for facebook pictures and the person with glasses. Read all posts and pictures from so many people wearing glasses, has helped to overcome it and want something I will use the glasses.

In my opinion, no one should be intimidated by other people, the most important is how you see yourself and hear the comment of others. Since we always feel more comments that are bad.



 There's always something your kids want that you don't want to give them, whether because it's too expensive, too mature or too hard to find. But this year, you should seriously consider giving him or her that pricey iPad (or tablet) that adorns many an underage wishlist this year -- not for their sake, but for your own. Most of us are as rigorous about installing parental blocks and monitoring programs as we are about securing our smartphones and password protecting our computers -- which is to say, not very. But in the mean time, our iPads and tablets contain a whole lot of data that can be put at risk by little fingers. Giving your tablet to your kid will very likely impact your search history, because which can have legal consequences, pirated downloads or illegal imagery,... 
But the solution isn't to deny your kids access to Angry Birds or whatever educational program you'd like to believe they spend just as much time playing. Instead, set aside the money and get them an iPad of their very own -- and make sure the Genius Bar helps you set up all those parental controls. 
That way, your child gets what she or he wants, you get the privacy protections you need and you both get the security. 

I think that the children are very young for all the time, are spended in the IPad. Is ridiculous! If that iPad can help you to work, if a bit boring to read a book, watch fotu, go to facebook ... many things. But a child seven years, you can give him an iPad alone. It would be as if estiguesis spoiled. In addition, it will have time to discover the world of technology, as is improving by the minute.


My dream trip is Hawaii, probably other people likes, too. I love this place because her beautiful white beach, the differents shades of blue in the sea, the palms as tall and beautiful, different kinds of fish, turtles ... that is in the sea, all sorts of tropical marine animals, girls dancing with skirt and leaves her Tapan Pitner the two coconuts (I think this is just a movie), see very high waves and people surfing on them,... and much others thinks. 

Go to a holiday on the island would not be effortless for most people, unless you do not like flying course. And there food dishes tropical always hot, never go cold does Tramuntana is in a hotel and you do everything you ask lead you drink served in a half coconut shell,... While explaining this and just be more eager to go there, but now. I mostly wear sun cream to avoid burning yourself. But what if I want to catch that tan is so sexy. I can not explain anything, certainly if you already saveu human. Surely reading this and seeing the photos, you should get some warmth because the desire to make cold here now. Who would not want to be lying now on a linked hammok palm and palm. Hear the sound of the waves, the birds, ...
What you relax on it.