Saturday, 31 May 2014


Yesterday was the last day that we volleyball's train. 
We enjoy it much, because some girls, next year don't play volleyball, because the study are most dificult and we don't have much free time, and we need more time to study and do the homework. 
And yesterday the trainer made some muffins with ours numbers. 
And on 15th June we held a dinner we finished the season and we've had great. We dinner will be at X Bar, on the beach of Rubina. And they will mounting a network there in the evening to play volleyball for a while. 
We had a good time together. 


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I don't know why in the songs, the singers have to say bad words;, b...h, s...d,... And more more more words. 

But then the kids listen this words and when they are with his friends they were saying, without knowing the meaning. And you listen kids on the street saying that and you think OMG! Who children know these words, can not be. 
In my opinion, I agree that when you write a song to express your feelings, your emotions. But careful with the words you write, sing and then everyone feels. People of all ages.

Don't say bad words. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014


A lot of social networks while Facebook, Youtube,... have been described as a procrastinator's dream.
Instead of procrastinating, research has found people prefer to tackle difficult tasks, stock image pictured, immediately to get them out of the way

Dubred "precrastination" the researchers from Pensilvania claim that hurry up to complete a task is more commun than first thought, even if it's harder to do.
Most of us we have many things to do, and have a pice of paper with pending tasks, in our mobiles, but also in our heads.
The resarchers found news experiments, with this experiments were able to rule out various potencial explanations about the experiments. Much of people say that wanted to save physical effort and go faster. But what we didn't realize was that they made more effort and take more.

In my opinion, that when er do something, we want it fast and we try to save work, but sometimes we work more than me relize. My advice is that before you do anything, stop a moments to think about how to do it. We will do our best. 



Microsoft is developing a smartwatch to complete it before apple does. In this wrist watch you can use it for fitness tracker, music player, phone,... But nothing has been officially confirmed. The smartwatch was filed in 2012. It's belived that the creator of Nokia is who runs Microsoft's Devices division.
Google plans to take this summer the smartwatch, with a range of Android watches, while Apple has been rumored ro be developing a smartwatch.
The Microsoft watch is belived to have differents colors for the watches: red, black, blue and yellow. It's also thought to be made of oxynitride aluminium.
Some gadgets such as Nike's FuelBand are designed to measure physucal exercise.
In conclusion the smartwatch willbe a revolution in the electronic market. But then mobiles sales will fall. And a lot of people have or want to have one wristwatch.

Martin Hajek also believes Apple will release a lower cost plastic version of the watch, which will come in several different coloursThis picture it's the iwatch from Apple.
College students from India have launched the first fully-featured Android smart watch with built-in Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera.

               This picture it's the iwatch from Android. 


Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Do you never thought you really mean icons iphone?
I do, so I searched the meaning. 

1 - be angry icon in Japanese culture. 
2 - "Wakaba" or indicative of novice driver. 
3 - This symbol represents a Ciclón. 
4 - Good Luck or of fortune. 
5 -  is the symbol of corriendo leave, with the Cloud polvo of deja behind that. 
6 - hot Food. 
8 - green represents envy a violent Heart. 
9 - Yellow means Celebrities person honest heart.  
10 - Purple Heart means it is a forbidden love. 
11 -  Reverence, much used among executives. 
12 - The negative gesture with his arms crossed.