Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I'd like to travel to South Australia, I like this job because i love the animals and this is a oportunity to help the animals and life a wildlife experience in a paradise. 
If I'll go there, is a free trip (there during your stay). After weeks, I'll travel to Thailand and work again with the elephans. 

More information about this trip is that I'll stay in South of Australia 2 weeks, in Kangaroo island. There I'll go to sleep in a shearers, all meals are included,... And then I'll stay in Thailandia 3 weeks, where include acomodation, where I'll live in a bamboo huts or basic home, the meals are included as for itinerary,...

I'll travel there from 20 April to 30 of June. 

This is an opportunity to do one of the things I like working with animals. And to enjoy a different kind of life, we can say more wild. I wish I could do one of these last trips a day, when upon finishing their studies. Travel and to help people, animals, ...

Saturday, 22 February 2014


One week and it's Carnival! 

I have finally fixed the costume. Because when I bought it, was brought and I claim the company but thay say me that they had exharsted and can only return the money pr back me 50% and a dressmaker fix my dress. 
And finally my mum fixed my dress. And now I have all I needed for carnival prepared. Because one week and.... CARNIVAL, CARNIVAL!
This year we aren't went eith trailer. We going free and we stuck to a trailer and if you don't like the music we change to another trailer.
Those of us who are superman costume: Sílvia, Anna C, Carla, Meritxell, Anna Ll, Jana, Adriana, Angelina, Edith, Esther, Ferran, Oriol, David, Jordi, Adrià,... and more people. More or less we are 25 people.
One song that I really like for carnival is Fling free, but in catalan.
But since this is an English blog I put the link of the two songs. 
I hope you enjoy them!!

Fling free  (Vola amb Mi) , els Catarres.

Fling free, Pont Aeri.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Peter Eilcock is a man who created a webside for sweet-toothed chocolate friends. Peter done his projects, his gigants snaks. But now a days, he invited  others to send in their ours versions. 

Containing a staggering 1.5kg of milk chocolate, 1.5kg of sugar, and two 140g bottles of liquid glucose, merely looking at this gooey creation can give you type 2 diabetes

This creame de la creme egg is just one of the colossal candy creations that brings any chocolate lover's dream to life.

Now people will send many videos showing what snaks he has at home. They are unsurprisingly not kind on the waist line. But they lovley.

A little on the large size to dunk in your cuppa, this custard creme biscuit is made of 200g of sugar, 400g of butter, 600g of flour, icing sugar a whole tin of custard powder

This custard cream biscuit is made of 200g of sugar, 400g of butter, 600g of flour, icing sugar a whole tin of custard powder. 

Slightly sickeningly, this huge Fudge bar requires 5 large bars of fudge, 4 large bars of Werthers Originals, 3 large 100g bars of milk chocolate

This huge Fudge bar requires 5 large bars, 3 large 100g bars of milk chocolate.

Now I leave you with a video of how to make a kit kat at home.
I hope you enjoy it and you come a little hungry!!

I put the link because I can not put link because it is not uploaded to youtube ... Sorry!!



On man, Trevor Peak, says that to get teeth implants was his biggest mistake.
He spend 25.000 dolars on dental implants, but he had more problems. 
Each implant cost between 2.000 and 4.000 dolars. 

Implants, which cost between £2,000 and £4,000 each, are regarded as the luxury end of the denture marketAfter a time Trevor began to drop his teeth. He began to see the iron that had been in the jaw. Every day had more problems and did not know why. After months the dentist told him he had never had the implants placed well because he didn't have enough bone there.
Doctors say: "Dental implants may promote bone loss by triggering a serious infection which slowly destroys the bone holding the implant in place, causing it to loosen".

In my opinion teeth implants are more for beauty, because they are there to not see a hole in the mouth. But to spend so much money for the teeth is a bit strange. 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The saturday 2nd of February we do it a sorprais party to my dady, because on 28th of January he do a 50 years old.
And we invited a lot of family. My uncles and aunts, my cousins, a distant cousins of Barcelona, my grandparents, the uncles of my dad,...
We had a great time. We had lunch in the grage of the uncles of my dady. Because thay fail budget, because then have a sorprais.
Came a magician!
We had a grat time they did a lot of laughing and left us with an open mouth.
But what matters most is that my dady like it and passed very, very, very well.
This is the cake that we bought for my dady.

This is the video that you can see the magican.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Now I'm going to describe my sister Cristina. She was born in 19th of august 1992. Now she is 21 years old, four years more than me. Yet two years, she lives in Santa Margarita with his boyfriend, Jordi. Cristina last year, was built her chiken farm, in this farm bring the chickens when there are small,  she gives food and after 45 days have all gone. And she have another farm, but this is the hens farm, every day on the farm to collect the eggs that the hens are placed. And it will deliver to stores. Sometimes the natura shop call him because there is going to work a few days, but the rest works in their farms.

A good description of how it is physically Cristina. She is a tallish woman and has a good figure. She has a little plump face. Her eyes are dark brown and she's wearing a glasses or sometimes a contact lenses. Her smile is beautiful and her nois small. She's dark-skinned are very different of my pale skinn. Her hair is a long and red. Slightly wavy.

But Cristina inside are most difficult describe. I'm sure of is that she's very different of me (similar of outside). She's an active person. When it wants to be hard working and responsible, but sometimes, she's a bit aggressive and creazy. But she's generous and self-confident are her assets. 

I think that she wears the pants in her family, with his boyfriend. In my opinion, never could have asked a better sister. She's perfect for me, and never change it for anything. She's very important for me, she helps me, cares me, loves me,... We fight a lot, I konw that I'll have the next for all I needed. She has flaws, but all humans have, too. She's very special for me.