Thursday, 30 January 2014


I hate when I'm watching a film or a series and when for example in a romantic film and I'm sitting on the sofa and I say: Kiss him now!! and when the couple only have five seconds to kiss, the channel has a break of fifteen minutes and I say: No! Really?! OMG! I'm angry with the channel because I don't like sitting on the sofa waiting for the film to start again, and I want to do something but when I go on the sofa to watch the film again I don't remember very well what happened before.

And what I hate more than this is after fifteen minutes of break waiting for the film for any thing the couple don't kiss, and I get very angry because I waited for nothing.

Or sometimes two minutes before the film finishes the channel put five or ten minutes of break and I'm waiting for see the last two minutes of the film. When it is a beautiful ending, I say ok, don't worry, I like the film. But when the ending I say: why? That's all? I go to sleep angry.
In my opinion the TV channels have think about the larges breaks. Really are necesary? I think taht two or three minutes, maximum five minutes, to drink water, go to the toilet,... But fifteen minutes is a lot of time.


ENFP: DolphinIn the persontality quiz animal, I left theletters: ENFP. And the animal that has come that is the Dolphin. And say that the ENFP people are creative and contaugosly happy. We have bundless energy and we like meet new people. Wr bring joy to other people. We tend to get bored easily, because we like do things all the time. We can not be still.

In my opinion all the text say it's true in my case. Also agreed that the dolphin is my favourite animal since I was little. 
I think that this animal is this leters: ENFP, because they are very happy animals and very inteligents, too. Always stay jumping and singing. And sometimes they want to play. Are a lovely animals. 

Friday, 24 January 2014


Today in class we see a video of Lizzie Velasquez. 
I really impressed while she stay talking in front of a lot of people about his problem. She have a one of the worst disease of the world. And you see a Lizzie, and she stay happy, feels beautiful (that I don't say that she's not), and then I see arround me, and a lot of people ( include me ) if not to say all, have complexs and there's the world falls on himself. And then it be that Lizzie are so happy, that she have a lot of problems and her childhood it was not easy.
We should be happy only because we stay here, we are alive, we have friends, house to sleep...

In class we do an activity that we can say what you are grateful. Now I say with what I was grateful.
I'm grateful for to be healthy, have family and friends, a house in which to sleep, have a money to eat.... This list never ends. Because I think that all people should be greatful with they have. Because always you can have less. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


A lot of people can say that they believe or don't believe in fairies. But I think that all people believe in fairies, but not only the fairies. In vampires, werewolves, special people with powers, too.
I think that all is possible because why do people say "This doesn't exist" and they say that because they have never seen it. And they haven't seen it, so they don't believe it. 
In my opinion you never close the door and better don't listen or see what others think that you have around you. Because sometimes it is so tied up in what they believe, they don't see reality. Don't know what is really happening around them. I am a person who trying to look beyond the things, I look for the second meaning to things. Because only if you stay with what they tell you, you can not give your own opinion, know your opinion said. Listening to others -make your arguments and then know all the information you collect, make your own opinion.
Now to answer the question that I put in the title, I'm already rolled like a blind. I believe in fairies.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I like this numbre... 2014... Yes. 

On the 31st we went to dinner at Silvia's home, well as I say because I celebrate the New Year with friends. We had a great time. We ate pizza, chips, tortilla chips, ... All the time came when the campandes was very nervous. We eat twelve grapes. And as we begin a new year. As you say, new year, new life ...
But good thing you have to start with the routines.
I hope everyone has started the year well and I wish you Happy New Year, 2014!
I can't stay here longer writing because it is lunchtime, today com to lunch the cousin of my father and my cousins ​​too. Always come to lunch on 1 January.
BTW tomorrow is my birthday, not too far to make 17!