Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Aside from going to Lourdes at Easter also went to Futuroscope is a theme park simulators. Are some attractions in Cadiz you put your glasses to see 3D, 4D and even 5D and the seats move. If you get wet you persontge mulles a little foggy if smoke comes out ... funny stuff.
The day we were at Futuroscope, we slept in a hotel that was very near the park. The rooms in this hotel were topics. Each room is different is mistaken. A matter of submarines, another north-pole ... many kinds. And we played the jungle. Very funny really. The beds semblaben that estiguesin made ​​bamboo wall there was a paper with a drawing of trees representing the forest. It was very well done. 

Actually I had a great time which is most important. Only if I had to go back there, there would drive many hours as they are. And like it or not you get tired.


I really enjoy this video. When I saw that I said... Wow! It's impressive. In Catalan I said the expression: tinc la pell de gallina - I have goosebumps. We realize that sometimes it works sufficiently eyes perveure it clear that there aglu you're doing wrong. You try to do things to get them. It is of no surrender early. 

I love this mini love story. She struggles to see and be seen when it is not doing well and is ready to let it run around, as if RESV signal. The signal of "Cupid.". She learns to speak to communicate with him. I've never seen a nicer way to show your love to someone.

Hope you like the video, and captions you see love from a different perspective. 

Monday, 21 April 2014


For Easter, I went to France to spend a few days in Lourdes. 
My dad really wanted to go there for his birthday and we gave him the ride. But also because I could go, was paid to go there for Easter.
We visited many churches, which have in there. We light candles. We walk. We went to midnight mass. We made many bowl, but this was a little tired in there all day. So we took a train back to who gave you the Loures, the people. So we did a change of views. 
Being Easter, we thought that there would be many. But no. Otherwise we were surprised that you did not have to queue or anything. 
Bastan was eight. 

I had already been there. I went there once when I was little with my grandparents. I was there when menrecordava some other things but I do, like my parents. 

The truth is that we really liked that we had a good trip. The only thing is that there were many hours by car.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Researchers said young adults are particularly vulnerable to insomnia because they often have trouble shutting down video games and internet connections.People who suffer from insomnia are more likely to suffer a stroke. Young people are more likely to surffer from it. People did a study to see how many people suffered from imsomnia.
They discovered that 18 to 34 years olds are more likely to have a stroke if they have insomnia. People over 65 years old, when they were young. They had so many possibilitis to suffer a stroke. But with age they have many also suffer a stroke.

Lopes said that young people are bulnerable to insomnia because they always have the mobile, ipads,... internet connections. They said that we need to sleep more and disconnect from all electronic things and we need to clean up our habits because we can be a chronic insomniac state.
But bad luck the study does not explain how insomnia and stroke may be linked.

In my opinion when it's bedtime, we should disconnect all the electronic things and don't keep the mobile near the bed because they release radiation.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

LONDON - day 4

Last day in London! The trip was great, but today we are returning home. 
We got up early and wanted to go shopping. But we found that on Sunday the shops are closed and do not open morning until midnight. This bothered us a bit, as we had raised to buy soon and everything was closed. So we went to Starbucks and we take a cappuccino. There mitted to a sofa there, we did mentrastant london quiz. 
The finish went up to Oxford Street and we went back to the store upon finishing holliester we wanted to buy some things. 

We only had 10 minutes. It was a fast entered the store, grab it and go on the subway to go to the hostel where we stayed all.
Then we went to an airport. But it was not the main thing. It was a petitonet. And we flew to Barcelona. And when estavema high flying aircraft was already upon finishing his journey, and return to the normal routine. 

Now if I go back with fond memories of London and really looking forward to going back there.