Monday, 9 June 2014


1. Can you see an improvement on your level of English in these last two years? 
Where, for example?
Yes, because for example in this post, it's from 4th ESO. We can see the different level from this other post, that it's from this year. Now I have more vocabulary, lightness with the writing. 

2. Which activity best shows your level of English? 
In my opinion the post that shows my english level was this. This post it's from when we went to London. Here I explain what we done the first day in London.

3. Which activities were really USEFUL for you to improve your English? Why?
I think that the activities that are useful to improve our level of English are the news. Because when we do the post we need to read the news, understand it and we search the words that we don't understand. And then we paractice writing, and make summaries in English. 

4. Which activities did you not find useful to learn English? Why not? 
In my opinion all that we work in the class it's beter for our English. But maybe the songs was which serves less. Maybe we learn some words but it's a little bit tired. 

5. Which activities would like to do again next year to keep on improving your English? 
I think that next year we will do more your-says, because it's when you we let to fly our imaginations.

6. Open Comments (...More ideas, suggestions for activities, suggestion for new topics...)
I like do blog, but would be nice that the most serious errors that I do in the writing coment me the errors and then I can correct it in my future posts. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Silvia, Carla and me (Mireia), we did a oral presentation about Family. 
Now, I'm going to do my self-evaluation.

     PRESENTATION (10%):
In this presentation we use a prezi, and inside there was photos. 
The presentation lasted 12minutes and each person spoke 4 minutes more or less. We speed a lot of time doing the prezi. 
I think that my mark in this section was a 8% because the prezzi was very well.

In this presentation I read very time, to much. I was very nervous.
I think that my mark in this section was a 1%. In this presentation I haven't do it very well because I read much and don't explain to the classmates. 

     STRUCTURE (10%):
All information are well placed. Definition of the family, divorce, tipes of divorce,... all was well organized. 
I think that my mark was a 9%.

     CONTENT (40%):
In my opinion, I think that we can use more specific words. But everything was more or less good explained. 
I thin that my mark in this section was a 30%.

     LANGUAGE (20%):
We used a language more or less basic. But there were some things we had not finished unless the internet to understand, and should have explained our words.
I think that my mark in this section was a 10%.

I think my pronunciation is good, but improved. But in this presentation have not shown much.
My mark was a 6%.

My final mark is...     6.4%. 


This film deal of teenager with problems of this age. Boyfriend, friend, high school,...
Deal about the life of a teenager who has problems with the boyfriend, and cut the end of his best friend falls in love with ex-boyfriend. They pass very time together. But then pass a different problems that distansia a bit.
In the movie, we can see the life of the mother, as is diborced, but then something happens with ex husband. But the end she come across with a man, that makes she happy. 

It's areally good film. There is also the American version, if I'm not mistaken. That came before it. But in my opinion, and having seen both. I like this much. 

Hope hus want to come see it!


Later this month my sister went to live in Vilanova de la Muga, because my grandmother have a home there. When my grandmother was little, she live and grew app in Vilanova. 
My sister few poor days, she live in Santa Margarita, but now she and his boyfriend was cleaning and painting the home. They are very happy and with much ideas for change the home. 

I hope that they put in the garden a swimingpool, because then in summer I can will go to swim. 
I wish that they was very happy in this "new" home. 


Today I went with my family to celebrate the birthday of my grandmother. She done 72 years old.
She stay very happy celebracte her birthday with ours. 
We went to lunch to "La Parra" is a restaurant that this stay in Sant Climent. 
In the restaurant I lunch mushrooms and prawns, the second dish: chicken with chips and the dessert: ice cream of chocolate, cream and vanilla. 
Then my daddy, my mum, my grandmother and the boyfriend of my sister, take coffee. 
And before went to home, we give her present.  Money because she bought clouths. 

I hope that she has gone well! 

Friday, 6 June 2014


The consumers goods, money, work,... you don't need all these things if you are happy and have friends. Nowadays, people think that spending is their life. But I throw a question, What do you need to be happier? In my opinion we cqan not buy happiness. Clothes, phones, computers, cars,... all the material things only shift your life. 

Firstly, we don't need all these material things. Because developing countries or poor countries don't have all these goods, but they are happy.
Secondly, the companies brainwash and put their publicity in ours minds. They say If you have this car, you are cool... They push to buy, buy and buy.

To sum up, I need to say again that we don't need material things to be happier. We can search happiness in other sides and not shopping. 


c/ Disseminat Mas Bech.
Castelló d'Empúries.
27th March 2014.

          c/ Disseminat Mas Bech.
          Castelló d'Empúries.
          Spain, 17486.

   Dear Mrs. Bech.
I am writing to you because I would like to apply for the job that I saw on the newspaper last week. I read that you need a one mar or woman responsible and with basic computer skills. Only for the summer.

First of all, I would like work in your  company because I like the world that you deal with. 
Last summer I worked with another company that I do all the accounting, because I have a title, and I do all the things related with numbers, too. I have the mathematic degree.
I really like all of this jobs. I like animals, I like working with workmates. I would like work in your busines.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely.

     Mireia Bech.