Saturday, 30 November 2013

Volleyball Castelló d'Empúries

Two years ago, I started playing volleyball. I started because I wanted to do more sport and I had friends who played. I've enjoying it more as each and now we play every game apart from going there to try to win, go there to have funny and happy. This year is the first time that we federated, and is new for us, many of the teams are very good. But we should not discourage, we de this because we love it and we think that if the others teams are better help us to improve. Maybe this year will not win or the other, but is increasingly high of the classification until one day, be the first. Now we octaves, we are many games ahead, but we are proud to have come this far.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


My favourite hobby, who we are seen in others posts, I love dance. 
I dance ballet, contemporany and esbart. Esbart is a traditional dances of Catalaonia, but from 10 years before we dance more or less modern dances. 
Today I want to talk about one of my favourite dance "Arrels". Arrels is a modern dance that lasts 15 minuts. But when you are watching a dance isn't seems that aslong as. Dance this dance is fun, you should enjoy it. It is a non-stop to come out to dance, stop but 2 minutes, and then goes on again. What you doesn't do is stress yourself because one of the reasons that you are there is so because you like and have fun with fellow dancing with you.

Here I put the link for watch the dance. Worth the see. 

Also leave the link of the webside. There you can see the history of the esbart, what dance, where they go to dance, photos, videos,... 

And here leave the user of youtube esbartCastello here you can see many of the dances that we danced. I leave the link of the youtube, too.

I hope you like dances that you see and you do not borring.

Monday, 25 November 2013


Once upon a time, there was a football player called, Gerard and a seamstres girl called Maria. 
Gerard went in a shop. There he went to find a suit. At that moment he saw a beautiful girl, at the same time he started to feel something for her.
Gerard waited for the girl outside of the shop, and when she closed it, they started to talk.
 - Do you want something more? - she said
 - Yes, what's your name? - he asked.
 - Maria. What you need?
 - One momentplease, my phone is ringing. - he told her.
When Gerard finished to talk, he saw that Maria was gone.
A few days later, Gerard returned to the shop to take his suit. He ask for her and her workmates told him that she was free that day.
On the same night, they met in a disco and they started to talk and dance. At 4am, they left together outside and in there they saw a lot of paparazzis.
Next day in the morning, Maria saw her in the cover of the newspaper. When she went to the work, all the paparazzis stayed at her garden asking for Gerard and last night in a disco.
In the shop, she searched the number of Gerard and when she found it. Maria sent a whats app to him, to talk to her house, and Gerard invited in his house.
In Gerard's house:
 - Wow! Your house is beautiful. - told Maria.
 - Thanks, but could you see the newspaper? - ask Gerard.
 - Yes, is for this reason that I come.
 - Well, tha paparazzi began to gossip.
 - OMG! But, this rumors can be true...
Maria left out the house and suddenly, Gerard rau to her and then they kissed.
--- A year later. ---
The happy couple, got married in July and we could see what really happened...

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Hy. I'm Mireia Bech. I'm a student of INS Castelló d'Empúries. 
I have 16 years old, I was born on 2 of January in 1997. I live in Castelló d'Empúries, specifically between Castelló i Empuriabrava. 
I have a hobby since a kid. I love dance, is what makes me life. I would like to study dance in the future, if possible near. 
But, I like others things, draw is very relaxing, for me. I don't know what I will do in the future, but now I think that in thid two years in batxillerat, help me think what career i want to study. 
I'm very happy person, but bervous, too. When I stay very very very nervous I have headache, and I bitr my nails, rather always bite my nails. I think that you now know a bite more as me. 
Thank - You for read!!
Bye bye!    XOXO

Monday, 18 November 2013


Before I die, I would like to go to space.
In the space, you can see all the stars, planets, the moon,... My dream was walking on the moon and say "Here I stay!". With no gravity, so you don't weigh anithing, and you can"fly", pretend to swim in space, run, too. It's really funny, I think.
And you stay in space with two o three people, not more.
I think, that it's a different life compared with earth, because when you have a shower in space is very different, because don't have gravity and the wather "fly" arround you.
One of my questions is: How you do go to the toilet?
I dream, that one day, I will go to space.

Now, leave a video of youtube that you can see how to wash the hair. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Village life is a relaxing life. All the people meet the neighbours, all the people who live in the village know each other. All the children are friends. They are playing in the streets, parks,... In the village there isn't more danger. The parents do not have to worry, because their children are playing fotball or staying in the friend's house.

City life is an easy life, because of all the shops, hopitals, libraris, museums,... a lot of things are there. You don't need go out to find any thing, you only go out the street and you find it. You have a private life, the neighbours didn't talk about you in the park, because they don't know you. 

I prefer a city life, because you only have your friends and the other people don't talk about you, because they don't know you. I like it because you don't need a car, only you take the taxi, bus, metro,... and you get to all the places of the city.

And now tell me your opinion. What you prefer village life or city life?