Thursday, 7 March 2013


I've been thinking about the things I will do and I made a list:

     1. Getting my motorcycle license. (DONE)
     2. I will go for holidays to Jamaica.
     3. Tandem Jump. (DONE)
     4. Do a swimming pool at home. 
     5. I want to go with "Pallassos sense fronteres".
     6. Take off ESO. (IN PROCCES)
     7. Studying a race.
     8. Walk the wall China.
     9. Travelling Europe with backpack.
     10. When does 18 go traveling with friends.
     11. Getting my driving license.
     12. To buy a car with my money.
     13. Having children.
     14. Swimming with dolphins.
     15. Finish list until the number 50.



I don't see much horror movies, because I don't like.
But I've seen some with friends. I saw one and it made ​​me afraid was "Insidious."
One boy stay in coma and not wake up. His parents are very frightened, and the grandmother knows what happens to the child, as his father also passed. In truth is not in coma, the boy is on a journey andestral, the only thing is that they have retained and can not return. They say the spirit of the child can not return to his body, evil spirits trying to enter your body to be alive and hurt everyone. When Saven all this, my father was looking for him and the child returns. But not it ends up as you expect, because you expect a final beautiful, like a romantic movie, but in truth they are the reverse, ends up as a scary movie should upon finishing.

After seeing this film, I found information about on travel andestrals. I was reading documents online. I was talking to an acquaintance of mine about this toppic, and she had do a journey these last and not only once.
I was a little surprised the truth,but not if I believe. Timagines But if this is true, why not all the other films that deal with werewolves, vampires, extratarrestres, fairies .... really exist. 



One of the films that I like the most romantic is Letters to Juliet.
I love this movie because it is from the beginning you see the love the two young men is intended, in upon finishing together. But all the barriers that has in the medium, does not prevent the flow of love for both. 
The love between the young boy's grandmother with of the man who fell in love when I was young, it's magic.
 As the film evolves, it has not seem to find he, because he died, who is married to another woman, does not remember what she did to him,...

It is a much emotion and love film.
I wish you look  , I recommend it.

          THE LUCKY ONE.

This is a very beautiful film.
About on a man who is a soldier of the army and finds a picture in the middle of the battlefield, and when collect this photograph, drop a bomb right where he was before. He think this is a thing of destiny. Behind the photograph of the girl says "keep save". When  he ends the seasson up military service as a soldier, goes in search of the girl. But when found, time passes, and more and more he fell in love with her. There are some events in between that seem to have upon not finishing together, but really, this movie is worth it.


My favourite serie is " Luna, el Misterio de Calenda". Talks about one concrete village, Calendar. In this village, happen much strange things. Happen mysteries that the police don't solve, because don't have the prove or someone overtakes the police, because don't want that knows the truth.
This series is about werewolves. One boy, Joel (Álvaro Cervantes) is a werewolf, and he fell in love a one girl, Leire (Lucía Guerrero). She saw strange things with he. He not related with many people, did not go out when there was a full moon,  appears when she need ...
Leire, want to know the truth because is in love with him, but she does not know is that when a werewolf falls in love is forever. Never ever fall in love with another person.
The series in general is based on the love between the two of them and can or cannot  they can be together.

There are many characters in this series: Sara Cruz, Judge Calenda (Belen Rueda); Raul Pando is the police lieutenant (Daniel Grao); Joel, is the werewolf (Alvaro Cervantes); Nacho Castro is police (Fran Perea); Fernando, the father of Joel, a professor of instiut (Marco Martinez); Olivia Pando, Pando's sister (Olivia Molina); Carola, Pando's wife (Belén López); Leire Costa, daughter of Sara and David (Lucia Guerrero); Basil Lorca, is the sergeant of Police (Caesar Goldi); Vera is the daughter of Raul and Carol (Macarena García); Thomas, Olivia's son (Carlos Cuevas); Pablo is the son of Raul and Carol (Alex Maruny); Claudius is Mosen (Boris Ruiz); David Costa, died the first chapter of the first season, was police lieutenant (Leonardo Sbaraglia); Sonia Murillo is police (Maria Cantuel) Salva, is a school teacher, but soon things get complicated for him (Daniel Ortiz); Gerald, always from the people people dealing like crazy, because desdel initially said there werewolves (Antonio Durán).


I realy like tihs serie "Polesres vermelles". Because explains the life of toher peolpe the same age more o less as me, and I love this serie because happen facts that in the reality don't happen in a normal hospital. 
Last summer, I went to Cabrils for to make extra in the serie"Polseres vermelles".
It was a funny day. We left home in the morning and return at afternoon to night. We were in the studio shooting around until the group of the people, with I went, that you walked and the people that they works there, that was record you. Spend time for repeat again and again the same.
I went with my parents and sister. 
When you're there, t'asignen papers: my mother, made ill, my sister's a nurse, and my father and I made a visit.
I liked went there because I saw the actors and how the workers assembled all and ready scenes again and again.
You ask me, Did you like repeat this experience. I say: Yess!! very fast. It was a great experience and we had a great time.
Here I Adds the chapter where i do extra. Note the minute 28:25.


The best experience of my life so far. Tandem Jump!
In late December, i went to play in the "quines". One day I went with my grandmother here in Castellón, and I win pack the special, besides having food, drinks also had to go with karting, dinner for two, 15 euros for laundry, .... among others.
Many years ago my parents told them, I wanted to tandem  jump.
But when I played I got so very happy, because i had won this award.
I decided I wanted to jump on my birthday, on January 2, but due to the wind, I had delayed it to January 7.
That day, the whole family came to see jumping.
They were so beautiful views from the plane, saw France, the mountains of Montserrat, l'Estartit, les Illes Medes, Cadaques...
And when you're jumping look so small things. It seems that i flying, more or less, because you're actually fall 3,000 meters.
Before you throw me, with the monitor me told me a few things I'd do you to put on, and I had to do that ... but in truth very friendly.

In summary: I recommend that you try it.