Monday, 9 June 2014


1. Can you see an improvement on your level of English in these last two years? 
Where, for example?
Yes, because for example in this post, it's from 4th ESO. We can see the different level from this other post, that it's from this year. Now I have more vocabulary, lightness with the writing. 

2. Which activity best shows your level of English? 
In my opinion the post that shows my english level was this. This post it's from when we went to London. Here I explain what we done the first day in London.

3. Which activities were really USEFUL for you to improve your English? Why?
I think that the activities that are useful to improve our level of English are the news. Because when we do the post we need to read the news, understand it and we search the words that we don't understand. And then we paractice writing, and make summaries in English. 

4. Which activities did you not find useful to learn English? Why not? 
In my opinion all that we work in the class it's beter for our English. But maybe the songs was which serves less. Maybe we learn some words but it's a little bit tired. 

5. Which activities would like to do again next year to keep on improving your English? 
I think that next year we will do more your-says, because it's when you we let to fly our imaginations.

6. Open Comments (...More ideas, suggestions for activities, suggestion for new topics...)
I like do blog, but would be nice that the most serious errors that I do in the writing coment me the errors and then I can correct it in my future posts. 

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