Sunday, 8 June 2014


Silvia, Carla and me (Mireia), we did a oral presentation about Family. 
Now, I'm going to do my self-evaluation.

     PRESENTATION (10%):
In this presentation we use a prezi, and inside there was photos. 
The presentation lasted 12minutes and each person spoke 4 minutes more or less. We speed a lot of time doing the prezi. 
I think that my mark in this section was a 8% because the prezzi was very well.

In this presentation I read very time, to much. I was very nervous.
I think that my mark in this section was a 1%. In this presentation I haven't do it very well because I read much and don't explain to the classmates. 

     STRUCTURE (10%):
All information are well placed. Definition of the family, divorce, tipes of divorce,... all was well organized. 
I think that my mark was a 9%.

     CONTENT (40%):
In my opinion, I think that we can use more specific words. But everything was more or less good explained. 
I thin that my mark in this section was a 30%.

     LANGUAGE (20%):
We used a language more or less basic. But there were some things we had not finished unless the internet to understand, and should have explained our words.
I think that my mark in this section was a 10%.

I think my pronunciation is good, but improved. But in this presentation have not shown much.
My mark was a 6%.

My final mark is...     6.4%. 

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